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  • 3D-5 axis SH-2013

  • Pressurization System

  • CNC control cabinet

  • Sand Bucket

  • Cooling Tower

Product model:3D-5 axis SH-2013

1. Latest product, cutting head can swing 0-±65degrees, specially can extend to 90degrees.

2. Cutting head can rotate 360degrees infinitely.

3. With 3D software, it can realize 3D cutting.

Place drawing

Parameter list

Numerical control machine Type structure Gantry
Cutting size X Axis 2000MM
Y Axis 1300MM
Z Axis 150MM
Cutting precision ±0.1MM
Fast positioning speed 6000MM/MIN

Pressurization System

Max pressure 450MPA
Working pressure 340-380MPA
Max flow rate 3.7L/MIN
Max diameter of orifice 0.35MM
Oil max discharge 120L/MIN
Hydraulic oil box capacity 140L
Motor 37KW/50HP
Numerical control cabinet IPC Advantech, Taiwan
Cutting software Nc Studio, China
Drawing software AUTO CAD
complete machine Weight 4160KG
Supply voltage 380V/50HZ

Cutting sample

45 Degree Cutting:

3D Cutting:


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