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  • Double head 3 axis SH-2013

  • Pressurization System

  • CNC control cabinet

  • Sand Bucket

  • Cooling Tower

Product model:Double head 3 axis SH-2013

Hot-selling water jet

●Based on the equivalent energy consumption, compared with the similar double water jet cutting speed increased by 25% - 30% 

●The cutting noise is small, low maintenance cost, less material consumption

Place drawing

Parameter list

Numerical control machine Type structure Gantry
Cutting size X Axis 2000MM
Y Axis 1300MM
Z Axis 150MM
Cutting precision ±0.1MM
Fast positioning speed 6000MM/MIN

Pressurization System

Max pressure 450MPA
Working pressure 340-380MPA
Max flow rate 3.7L/MIN
Max diameter of orifice 0.35MM
Oil max discharge 120L/MIN
Hydraulic oil box capacity 140L
Motor 37KW/50HP
Numerical control cabinet IPC Advantech, Taiwan
Cutting software Nc Studio, China
Drawing software AUTO CAD
complete machine Weight 4360KG
Supply voltage 380V/50HZ

Cutting sample


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