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Meticulous service

The product provides real far water through customer service service, wholeheartedly for customer service, continuous improvement, and constantly improve the service quality of service is our goal. With high-tech means, high-quality service team, efficient service process to solve all the problems encountered in the use of equipment.

- on the high pressure system

The principle of high voltage generator, the various components of the device, the common breakdown of the high-pressure system, high pressure water and cooling water requirements, high pressure water switch, cutting head and sand control valve maintenance.

- on CNC machine tools

Components of the equipment, graphic design and programming, the actual operation of equipment.

- on the CNC numerical control cabinet
Software operation, parameter setting and preservation, cutting characteristics of different materials.
The water jet has real far excellent quality and considerate service, has developed into a well-known China water cutting machine manufacturer, has been far real quality customer service service for all countries and regions all over the world customers by the praise and trust of customers.

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